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Crypto mining has become a massive business. With a Bitcoin arithmetic puzzle solved every 10 minutes, most people are looking to be part of it. The need for more space has seen hackers exploit other useful gadgets to mine under covers. 

These hacks have grown to epidemic levels. 

This guide looks into the reasons for the attacks, impacts, and how to keep safe; 

Reasons for Crypto’s Susceptibility to Hacking 

Of all the digital assets, cryptos have proven to be some of the most susceptible to attacks. One of the main reasons for this is due to the liquidity of the currency. Some other digital assets are hard to use. They need you to exchange them into cash, which is cumbersome. Crypto is ready money. They are the final product. 

Some other reasons for the too many attacks are;

  • Many possible attack points – cryptocurrencies run on so many online avenues. Every exchange, wallet software, or user storage is a possible attack point. As much as one may be keen on security, it might prove challenging to be entirely secure. Any laxity by one single point

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