Hong Kong’s Crypto Mining Startup that is Improving the Cryptocurrency Mining Space – Digital Market News

Bitcoin was mined successfully for the first time in 2009. And over the 12 years that the process has existed, the process has changed monumentally. Initially, any node (computer participating in the mining process) could be anything from the average PC with spare computing resources to an advanced GPU device.

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As the process evolves, the rudimentary devices mentioned here above have since been replaced by more specialized tools with better mining efficiency. The evolution has sidelined the most willing participants, ridding the process of the democratic approach that the Bitcoin code writers envisioned. Instead, they have been replaced these machines with a profit-oriented, capital intensive method comprising of devices with elaborate computing capabilities.

The challenge highlighted here above coupled with the massive electricity that the mining process demands is quickly making the process a preserve of only the entrepreneurs that can raise the requisite capital. The good news, however, is that this situation is changing, thanks to Thomas Norberg, a Russian-born businessman whose business idea has blossomed into a startup with innovative and user-friendly approached to crypto mining.

The startup, Miny, is a Hong Kong-based cloud Bitcoin mining business with an easy approach

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