DeFi, Sustainability, & the Future of Crypto Mining: Core Scientific VP Speaks – Finance Magnates

As the DeFi space has continued down the path of exponential growth over the last several months, there are a number of important questions arising about the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

In particular, crypto holders now more than ever are wondering which assets will stand the test of time, and which will not.

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This begs another question: as some cryptocurrencies continue to grow, while others fade and disappear, what will happen to the industries that power their networks? Specifically, what will the future of the mining and staking industries be?

Recently, Finance Magnates spoke to Taras Kulyk, Senior Vice President of Blockchain Business Development at Core Scientific, a firm that provides infrastructure and software solutions for Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, including large-scale mining operations.

Taras told us about the ways that mining space is changing as Proof-of-Stake grows in popularity, about renewable energy in the blockchain mining industry, and about the future of digital assets.

The following is an excerpt that has

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